Urgent: National Support Line Update
Huggg shopping service


The BRC has taken the decision to pause the issue of routine Huggg vouchers; as of now, if a caller seeks support for food the message will be (after following the action steps below) “we will pass your information to a local team that may be able to assist you by providing a food parcel”


  1. Undertake caller ID checks as a part of your due diligence (Name, postcode, phone number etc)
  2. Ratify postcode using Royal Mail post code checker and/or Google maps to try and ensure it is a legitimate address
  3. Try to establish a signposting action to a local foodbank or food charity where possible
  4. State the above message if a signpost option is not available
  5. Be prepared (as has happened in some cases) for callers to hang up or get cross
  6. If making a referral, please ensure that your case notes reflect all stages of support that you have offered the caller


As you may be aware, we have had several cases across the UK – identified by our support line and at area level – of potentially fraudulent calls.I know that we will continue to look at meeting as many genuine needs as we can whilst mitigating fraudulent access to our services and funds.