International Family Tracing email

The Email from IFT which is due to go out of the 21st of Feb reads as follows

This is a message from the British Red Cross International Family Tracing team.
Your photo was on Trace the Face website.
To have your photo on the website, we need your permission again.
If you wish to have your photo on the website reply YES
If you do not wish to have your photo on the website reply NO
If you do not reply, after 3 attempts to contact you, we will assume you no longer 
require this service, and your file will be closed. 
If you would like to speak to someone about this text, or if any of your contact 
details have changed, please call 0300 373 0192
This text is available in several languages please visit
For information on how we use your data for Trace the Face, please 
If we do not have a response to this, we will resend the text a further two 
times giving a 7-day gap between each text.