Refugee Services

Description: The British Red Cross offers Refugee support in many ways, including emergency food, cash, clothes, blankets, and baby items; accompanying refugees to appointments; supporting refugees in learning about life in the UK; tracing missing family or pointing refugees to other organisations better placed to support, among others. For more information, please go to the British Red Cross website, support for refugees.   

You can find the nearest refugee service office on the BRC website or search below in the box. If you need help finding the nearest one, please reach out to the Supervisor on shift .

Operators can signpost callers to any of these offices but should first confirm that the local team is currently accepting new cases. Do this by choosing the appropriate area in the menu above and confirming status. If the area is closed to new cases, then offer the alternative signposts that are listed there or in the Signposting section of the Operator Manual.   

For information on BRC Restoring Family Links services, please see the main website.  

 Please follow these guidelines for calls requiring refugee/asylum seeker assistance:  

  • Do not raise a referral to the Area Cells  
  • Ensure that callers are aware of Migrant Help and their free asylum helpline: 0808 8010 503 operating 24/7, 365 days a year 
  • Log calls in Dynamics in the usual way but state that a signpost to the local RS team has been made (add new local signpost, category: British Red Cross, Refugee Support).  
  • If Language Line was used, please add this information at the beginning of your summary notes along with what language was used and ID of the interpreter.  
  • Important: Please manage expectations. There are variations in RS services provided across the country. You can explain that Refugee Services team might be able to support them.    

Special circumstances: If caller says they have no credit on their phone, have no access to internet or gives another valid reason, you can request that NSL staff email their information to RS. In this instance, please first confirm that the local RS office is open for new referrals. You will then need to collect the caller’s consent and details. Operators should be clear in their summary notes why they are collecting details and what is required. Use guidelines above to log these calls. 

Refugee services explained – video

In a recent operator meeting, Refugee Services representative Edmore Hute talked about their services to help operators understand their processes better. He also answered some questions raised by operators.
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