Caller Feedback Survey Script

Caller Satisfaction Feedback Script

As you’ll all be aware caller satisfaction feedback is our key metric for the NSL & it is really important that we receive as many points of feedback as possible from our callers, in order to provide an accurate reflection of the NSL’s impact. 

We would ask all call operators to remind callers at the end of each call that they can provide anonymous feedback by staying on the line. The results of the survey will help support our 2023 vision of ‘the callers needs being met’, being a key focus point.

This is an example of the wording you could use:

“Thank you for your call today, I’m glad we’ve been able to help you (change as appropriate e.g. I’m sorry we’ve been unable to help you), we would really appreciate any feedback you can provide to help us develop our service. If you could please stay on the line and answer an anonymous survey, which is just 3 quick questions and an opportunity to add anything further. This should take no more than 2 minutes”