The BRC Community Education Team have been working to rollout a new BRC offer – ‘Wellbeing Support for adults & children’. More information about this can be found here (can be signpost to callers as

On the page you will find:

The Self Kindness Toolkit

Wellbeing Calendar

Kindness pack for children


Wellbeing Cards in multiple languages

Further to the rollout the following NSL updates have been made: –

  • A new related organisation “Community Education – Wellbeing Pack” has been added to Dynamics under the British Red Cross signpost. This will allow us to capture data on the number of calls received relating to this where operators have signposted people to the pack.
  • When Signposting the SU, please direct them to the BRC Website and ask them to scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Wellbeing pack can be accessed under ‘wellbeing’ found at the bottom of the website home page.
  • We request that operators ask callers to kindly share any feedback they may have after accessing the toolkits, by using the QR code found in the pack.
  • If operators handle any calls where SU experienced issues downloading the pack, please take the callers email address and the staff team will email this out to them instead. Please ensure consent is gained by using the consent statement in scripts on SLOM.