Having positive conversations

Be clear about the reasons for Change

Take some time to understand why change is taking place and how this will help us give our service users the best experience. Having this information clear in your own mind allows you to help others see the situation more broadly and positively.

Set a good example

When you find yourself in a negative conversation about the changes underway, listen and ask questions. Support those you are with to establish whether their view of the situation is fact, rumour or speculation. Try to use positively framed questions to help challenge a negative approach and articulate the thinking in a constructive helpful way.

Challenge those who relish a negative conversation

No one can or should be positive all of the time, but too much negativity can affect people’s wellbeing. Whenever possible, we should all take responsibility to let a continually negative person know the effect their behaviour has on others. This can be challenging and you may find this uncomfortable, but with kindness and sensitivity, letting somebody know how their approach is viewed by others can be helpful.

Stand back and assess your own behaviour

Do you focus on the positive or have you found yourself being negative about change recently? Could you be one of those people who has started to reduce the positive energy in a conversation? Or do you motivate the people you work alongside?

Handy Tips!

These prompts can be really helpful to guide conversation. Why don’t you share other prompts you find helpful with your fellow champions?

  • What are the benefits of the new system going to be for the service users?
  • What can I do to help you feel more confident?