Principles of Change

Communicate clearly

Successful change needs clear and concise communication. Messages must be unambiguous and shared sensitively to gain commitment and support.

We will be supporting mass communication as it can be helpful for relaying general and consistent messages, however it is important to remember the need for 1 to 1 contact. This is where Digital Champions come in! Don’t underestimate the power in a single conversation.
This will ensure you can support individuals personally to manage the effect that change has on them and their responses to it.

Understanding our people

Everyone is different. That is a good thing! How boring would the world be if we were all the same?

Because we are all different we will all have different needs, motives and levels of understanding. The art of being a champion is to understand the individual you are supporting and tailoring the conversation to them.

Service users are at our heart

We want to make sure our service users receive the best experience whilst phoning us in these difficult times. It can be very difficult for them to share their story with us and we want to prevent them having to retell their story each time they speak to us. We also want to make sure that the data we store can be used appropriately to learn where there is the greatest need and respond accordingly.

Don’t loose sight of the fact that this new system is for their benefit.