Events in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Updates on the events in Israel and occupied territory in Palestine

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October 23rd


  • The Irael + Occupied Palestine Territory Support Line came to a close today (20/10/2023) at 1700, following agreement with the FCDO and due to low call numbers 
  • The PST team in Tel Aviv has returned to the UK 
  • The PST team in Cyprus has stood down and is en route to the UK 


  • Maintain communications with FCDO, BRC International Team, DLUHC and VCS partners 
  • Operational pause to allow for development of contingency planning  

Top priorities over next 24 hours 

  1. National CRT to remain on standby for potential activation of contingency plans 
  2. Use operational pause for rapid evaluation and reset for National CRT and Area ER teams 

October 16th

Information in the last 48 hours

16/10/23 5 volunteers (including 1 OTL) are currently at Gatwick this evening to provide emotional support to arrivals on three incoming flights, flights are expected at 19.30 from Tel Aviv (139 passengers), 22.00 from Larnaca (119 passengers) and 22.25 from Tel Aviv (162 passengers).

·       Two FCDO flight are due into Gatwick on Sunday 15th October direct from Tel Aviv. One is scheduled to arrive at 17.00 and the second at 21.00. Both flights are due to be met by emergency response volunteers.

·       Two FCDO flights are currently scheduled into Gatwick on Monday 16th but it is unknown if these will come from Israel or Cyprus.

British Red Cross support:

  • A Welfare Telephone Support Line has been set up as part of the Psychosocial Support Team (PST) offer to the FCDO. This line will offer those in country the opportunity to access psychosocial support while in Israel or OPT. It is running daily from 12.00-17.00, being staffed by PST volunteers and managed by the National Crisis Response Team.
  • One British Red Cross Psychosocial Support Team has deployed with the FCDO Rapid Deployment Team (RDT) to provide in person support to British Nationals at Tel Aviv airport.
  • A second British Red Cross Psychosocial Support Team has deployed with the FCDO Rapid Deployment Team (RDT) to provide in person support to British Nationals arriving in Cyprus who will be arriving on military flights and taking commercial flights to the UK.

There are devastating events in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The escalating conflict has led to a dire humanitarian crisis. Staff and volunteers from organisations like Magen David Adom (MDA), Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are working tirelessly to respond to urgent needs, including treating casualties. It’s an immensely difficult time for the people living there, and we feel a deep responsibility to help.

Another appeal has been launched to support with this work, please signpost donations here Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory Appeal (

Looking after you

We recognise the emotional toll these global events can take, especially for those who have friends and family in the region that you’re worried about. We are organising diaspora safe space meetings where you can freely share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

These will understandably feel like bleak times. At a moment like this, I urge each of you to take care of yourselves and each other. Take breaks where you need to and access the support of your supervisors, group leads and coordinators. I want to highlight that we have a range of resources available to support your mental and emotional health, and we would encourage you to explore them if helpful. 

UPDATE: Psychosocial Support Line for UK Nationals in Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories

A psychosocial support line has been set up by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office for UK nationals, to offer specialist support for British Nationals caught in the Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories to call. Please signpost relevant callers to this support line with details below.

Support line phone number: 0203 417 0260
Support line shift times: 12:00 to 17:00 daily

 Concern for friends and family
 If you are in the UK and concerned about a friend or family member who is in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories contact FCDO on the website or call on 020 7008 5000

The CER team have prepared a supporting document for staffing this support line. This document is for awareness purposes ONLY, as this service is not being widely publicised and the document is not intended for general access. Please DO NOT publicly share this document.