Examples of Urgent, Non-Urgent & Non-Safeguarding Cases

Urgent cases – requiring a call to SAT

  • Suicide attempts / plan (may need to call emergency services first)
  • Radicalisation / terrorism (as above if imminent)
  • Threats to harm others (as above if imminent)
  • Any allegations of abuse or cases where there is a suspected perpetrator, such as:
    • domestic violence
    • physical or sexual abuse
    • psychological / emotional abuse
    • modern slavery / human trafficking
    • neglect
    • financial / economic abuse
    • discriminatory abuse
    • organisational or institutional abuse

Non-Urgent cases – can be emailed to SAT

  • Suicide ideation
  • Poor physical or mental health leading to risk of harm
  • Ongoing cases

Non-Safeguarding – SAT does not need to be notified

  • Age Dispute (raise referral with Refugee Services instead)
  • Homelessness
  • Families requiring food vouchers
  • Individuals struggling with cost-of-living crisis