Briefings and debriefings

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Briefings take place on teams video calls.
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Before each shift you and other operators will have a briefing with your supervisor. Briefings take place 15 minutes before your shift.

09:45AM shift briefing
13:45 – PM shift briefing

Briefings include:

  1. Daily updates about the support line
  2. Checks operators are ready to answer calls
  3. Opportunity for operators to ask question before the shift starts


After each shift you and other operators will have a debriefing with your supervisor. Debriefings take place for 15 minutes after your shift.

14:00AM shift debriefing
18:00 – PM shift debriefing

Debriefings include:

  1. Individual callers to follow up with
  2. Technical issues
  3. Types of calls received – brief discussion
  4. How are operators/ supervisors?
  5. Seeking further support
  6. Any other feedback
  7. Thank you to everyone