De-briefings after your shift

After each shift you and other operators will have a de-briefing with your supervisor that are held on  Zoom video calls. Click here to find out more on how to use Zoom.

De-briefings take place for 15 minutes after your shift.

Briefing times and video links

14:00 – AM shift debrief
18:00 – PM shift debrief
click here to join the debrief

Meeting ID: 948 7098 9964 
Password: 6uNa$x 
If dialling into zoom meeting 
Telephone number is 0203 4815240 
Meeting ID: 948 7098 9964 
Password: 816720

De-briefings include:

  1. Individual callers to follow up with
  2. Technical issues
  3. Types of calls received – brief discussions
  4. How are operators/supervisors?
  5. Seeking further support
  6. Any other feedback
  7. Thank you to everyone