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Guidance for Covid-19 National Support Line: WhatsApp Groups NSL Supervisor’s Group


The name of the group is NSL Supervisor’s Group. It is used by the supervisors for peer support and as a communication tool to convey important or urgent updates.


The following guidance is to help us make sure we use WhatsApp appropriately, safely and in line with GDPR and the Red Cross Fundamental Principles and Values

Note – Callers to the National Support Line are Red Cross beneficiaries. 

  • As on all other platforms we should not use this group to express personal opinions or comment on any calls.
  • No information or data should ever be copied, transferred, recorded or communicated outside the NSL Supervisor’s Group. This includes written notes and verbal communications. 
  • No identifiable information should ever be recorded or shared within the NSL Supervisor’s Group.

Please delete all group chat and data from your WhatsApp account on your device at the end of your shift.


Supervisors will be added to the NSL Supervisor’s Group by the Supervisor Coordinator.