Tips for stress management

Below are the six ‘R’s of stress management. These are not specific to volunteering as a support line operator but are good practices to follow.

1. Responsibility

  1. You are in control
  2. Establish priorities
  3. Say No
  4. Avoid ‘should’, ‘ought’ and ‘must’. Clarity is particularly important when supporting people in crisis, both for the wellbeing of the caller and the operator.

2. Reflection

  1. Know your stress triggers
  2. Be aware of stress symptoms
  3. Check the balance in your life

3. Relaxation

  1. Do something good for you
  2. Schedule time out
  3. Sit down, do nothing, learn to relax

4. Relationships

  1. Maintain supportive relationships
  2. Manage your relationships
  3. Improve your relationship with yourself

5. Refuelling

  1. Eat a balanced diet with high fibre, low salt and low cholesterol
  2. Be aware of poisons: caffeine, fats, nicotine, excessive alcohol

6. Recreation

  1. Have hobbies and interests
  2. Laugh
  3. Have fun
  4. Enjoy life