Tesco vulnerable customer deliveries


We have a partnership with Tesco that helps with funding toward the operation of the National Support Line. We have been undertaking additional work with Tesco to ensure that those people most affected by COVID 19 can get the support they need.


When you undertake the assessment of need with service users:

  • Do they need food shopping?
  • Can they pay for their shopping by debit/credit card?
  • Are they unable to get to the shops? (Tesco vulnerable customer criteria – Can they visit the store? For instance, does your customer have any vulnerabilities they consider would make it unsafe for them to visit a store?)
  • There is no-one that can do their shopping on their behalf (Tesco vulnerable customer criteria – Do they have family or friends who can support with their shopping? For this question, we are meaning support with a regular large shop, not just someone who can pick up occasional items and/or do they have any other support network who can help? Again, we mean a support network who can provide regular help to your customer with what they need.)

If all the above answers are true, then we can direct callers to the Tesco Vulnerable Customer Team on 0800 917 7359

This team will arrange a priority home delivery for the service user, but this will not be a same day delivery

  • Either pass the number onto the service user or transfer the caller to the number
  • Please alert the service user that there may be a delay in their call being answered by the Tesco team; advise them to wait as their call will be answered
  • When completing your operator notes, please insert “Tesco vulnerable customer” at the start; this allows us to report success back to Tesco

If the service user states that they have no funds to purchase food, please follow previous advice and refer the caller onto the relevant Tactical Cell