Local Referrals

Check services provided by the local areas.

Local referrals

As you may know, we have been supporting our colleagues in CER by temporarily administering food support on their behalf.

As of the 7th May 2024, the purpose of food requests will now change and will no longer be an ‘always on’ offer. The outcome is that food support will no longer be routinely accessed via the NSL but will be linked to live/active responses, which ER volunteers will continue to facilitate. This means the NSL is no longer providing food support and the food support request will be removed from the local referrals section and edited to reflect this.

You should still treat food support calls as normal, asking questions to find out more about their circumstance, help navigate the conversation and decide which signposts may be most appropriate.

Please see below of the digital exclusion form which allows us to refer a service user for a SIM card:

SIM card referral form

Form for Family Reunion team

Family Reunion Enquiry form

Before referring a case to the area:

  • explore all other available options;
  • signpost to relevant organisations or services;
  • manage the expectations.

Local areas

Use this interactive map (opens in new tab) to search for a postcode. Click here to watch a video with guidance on how to use the map.

Can I refer to the
local area for…
LondonNorthern IrelandSouth and
Channel Islands
South EastWalesCentralNorthScotland
pick up
no no yesnoyesyes noyes

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