The earthquake in Afghanistan

Updates on the earthquake in Afghanistan

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Sadly, Afghanistan experienced a devastating earthquake on Saturday 7th October, adding to the hardships its people are already enduring from years of conflict, economic decline, and natural disasters. 

The Afghan Red Crescent Society has teams on the ground helping with rescue efforts and providing aid to people across the Herat province. An appeal has been launched to support with this work, please signpost donations here Afghanistan earthquake: thousands of people affected (

Looking after you

We recognise the emotional toll these global events can take, especially for those who have friends and family in the region that you’re worried about. We are organising diaspora safe space meetings where you can freely share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

These will understandably feel like bleak times. At a moment like this, I urge each of you to take care of yourselves and each other. Take breaks where you need to and access the support of your supervisors, group leads and coordinators. I want to highlight that we have a range of resources available to support your mental and emotional health, and we would encourage you to explore them if helpful.