Calling people back

When do I need to call someone back?

There are some situations in which we might need to call a service user back after a call, but only if it’s authorised by the shift Supervisor.

Do not call people back if you get cut off or disconnected. The caller might have hung up on purpose.

All outbound calls must be made via Mitel. The guidance and video below explain how to make an outbound call via Mitel Ignite.

Voicemails and Call Backs Process

Supervisors may ask an operator to make a call back to a service user who has left a voicemail or for another purpose. For example, a member of the NSL or Safeguarding team has requested more information about a caller or a case. For these types of calls, operators should follow the below guidance.

Guidance for Voicemails and Call Backs


If an error Failed to create voice comes up on the screen when making an outbound call follow these steps:
check if the number has enough digits (this error might come up if the number is incorrect)
try again (sometimes an error comes up the first time you try an outbound call and it will work fine with the next attempt)
log off from Mitel and log back in (often this easy solution helps with fixing system glitches)
– if none of the above worked, call your Supervisor and inform about the issue.