Ending calls

You might find it difficult to end calls. We feel we haven’t fixed the problem – sometimes it’s more about enabling the caller to think through their options than to be a fixer.

It may also be difficult as:

  1. The caller is still distressed
  2. We don’t feel assertive enough to end the call

Check before you end the call

Every call will be different. There is no one way to end the call.

Check before you finish the call that you’ve covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Caller’s name
  3. Caller’s postcode
  4. Caller’s phone number
  5. Support they need
  6. Consent to call them back
  7. Summarise
  8. Confirm any next steps
  9. Say they can call again

Printable checklist (optional)

This printable version of the checklist is optional. Only print it if you find it useful to have a paper checklist when you answer calls.

Managing calls towards the end of shift

This document contains advice on how can you manage calls that come through just before the end of the shift.

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