Turkey/Syria Earthquake

Please be aware that the situation is very fluid at the moment, it is likely this page will change often, please check back on this page regularly


“I have lost contact with my family in Turkey/Syria, what can I do?”: The first point of contact is The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office on 0207 008 5000

‘I would like to donate to the Turkey/Syria Earthquake fund, how can I do this?’: You can donate to the earthquake appeal on 0300 004 0339 or https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/turkey-syria-earthquake-appeal. The British Red Cross is not taking physical donations of Items at the moment, best to signpost to other charities if that’s what the caller wants to do

‘I am a Health Professional, I would like to volunteer to help with the Earthquake, do you know how I can get involved?’: The British Red Cross does not send volunteers abroad, please see the home office “how to help” page for advice regarding getting involved.