Check what you need to be an operator

Training and checks you need

Operators must have this training and these checks:

  • Red Cross CALMER training
  • Red Cross safeguarding awareness training
  • Support line training
  • You’re a registered British Red Cross volunteer or staff

Skills you need

Operators must have these skills:

  • You can actively listen to someone and not interrupt them
  • You don’t want to give all the answers
  • You understand you’ll answer difficult calls
  • You can stick to a process designed for people’s safety and wellbeing

Equipment you need

Operator will need this equipment to answer support line calls:

  • A quiet, private space, you won’t be interrupted in
  • A landline phone or mobile phone with signal
  • A computer connected to the internet
  • Headphones, if you have some. Frees up your hand for note takingsignposting to other services and other tasks you might need to do on calls