Local Referrals

Check services provided by the local areas.

Local referrals

(Note: our food referral process will be changing soon, please see the below the local area’s box on this page to see the new food process as of the 6th of March. This page will be changing to reflect the new process on the 6th)

On this page you can find the list of the local areas and services they might be able to provide to the Support Line callers.

Before referring a case to the area:

  • explore all other available options;
  • signpost to relevant organisations or services;
  • manage the expectations.

Local areas

Use this interactive map (opens in new tab) to search for a postcode. Click here to watch a video with guidance on how to use the map.

Can I refer to the
local area for…
LondonNorthern IrelandSouth and
Channel Islands
South EastWalesCentralNorthScotland
yes only for very
urgent requests*
yesyesyesyesyesyes only for very urgent requests**yes
pick up
no no yesnoyesyes noyes

*London area doesn’t offer food parcels, but in a case of a very urgent request they will signpost to relevant local organisations, that might be able to support the caller

**North will only consider supporting if absolutely all avenues have been exhausted for support

New Food referral process and MS form are listed below

Food Referral process 6th of March 2023

Food Referral MS form

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