Local Referrals

Check services provided by the local areas.

Local referrals

On this page you can find the list of the local areas and services they might be able to provide to the Support Line callers.

Before referring a case to the area:

  • explore all other available options;
  • signpost to relevant organisations or services;
  • manage the expectations.

Guidance on referrals

A call for support with food provision could be for various, often complex reasons.

Callers can be signposted for food support by being provided with the details of their local food bank, for example, however, if this is not suitable callers can be referred to their local area who may be able to support them.

When referring a caller for food support, it’s important for operators to identify the following during the call:
The number of days of substantive meals they have left

Ask questions such as:

  • How much food do you have at home?
  • Do you have enough food for dinner tonight?
  • Do you have enough breakfast for tomorrow?
  • The number of persons in the household
  • Any special dietary requirements they may have
  • Have they received food support from BRC previously?

If the caller has received support from BRC previously, the caller should be signposted to an external organisation for long-term support and not referred to the tactical cell (unless agreed by management).

It’s also important to ensure that no promises are made to the caller during your conversation.
The caller could receive a food voucher from the area teams, or the area team could signpost them to another organisation local to them. Results of a local referral for food provision can vary from one case to another.

A referral for medication collection is usually because the caller is unable to leave the house to collect it themselves.
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic this was often due to clinically extremely vulnerable people shielding, more recently it could also be due to a positive Covid-19 test, or a variety of other reasons.

As an operator, it’s important for you to identify:

  • The current location of the medication (i.e., pharmacy)
  • The delivery location of the medication

A major gas explosion led to the collapse of a house and damage to others in south London. One child has died and three others are in hospital. 40 properties have been evacuated. Residents have been relocated to a nearby Rest Centre.
The New Horizons Centre, South Lodge Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 1LT council officers are on scene as well to provide support.

Update: A further 50 homes were evacuated last night (08/08) as UKPN turned off power to avoid further explosions. Most individuals were relocated to hotels last night.
British Red Cross volunteers are scheduled to arrive this afternoon once current staff on the ground can ascertain the level of support required.

Local areas

Use this interactive map (opens in new tab) to search for a postcode. Click here to watch a video with guidance on how to use the map.

Can I refer to the
local area for...
LondonNorthern IrelandSouth and
Channel Islands
South EastWalesCentralNorthScotland
yes only for very
urgent requests*
pick up
no no yesnoyesyes noyes

*London area doesn't offer food parcels, but in a case of a very urgent request they will signpost to relevant local organisations, that might be able to support the caller

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