Sudan Crisis

The situation has deteriorated in Sudan and the British Red Cross is starting to receive enquiries about leaving Sudan. Read the guidance below on handling these calls.

What can you find on this page:

  • Advice on Sudan Enquiries

Sudan Q&A can be found here, please see for guidance

Please see here for Sudan Crisis Support in the UK

Sudan Support Update:

It has become apparent that many of those arriving in the UK from Sudan are travelling via various routes, not only via Cyprus & Saudi Arabia. Due to this, and the desire to be as inclusive as possible to those in need of support, we are changing how we do this.

We are no longer providing cash support, instead, you should treat all calls as case by case circumstance and use the emergency food support as guidance of the process and eligibility criteria.

What this means?

You should refer to the questions under food support in the referrals section of SLOM, or, the ‘Emergency Food Support’ process and follow those guidelines and criteria including, signposting as the first instance where appropriate, and if all avenues have been exhausted, and they meet the full requirements, you should complete a food support form (found in SLOM under referrals>food). 


If any SUs call to say they are having issues activating their bankable card that was issued to them from BRC.  Please direct the SU to the telephone number and reference number they have been provided with, this should either be on the back of their card or in the accompanying letter.

If the SU has either already tried the number and has been redirected back to NSL or there are no details on the card or accompanying letter, please obtain the SU’s consent and take their full details in Dynamics.  Please also ask the SU to take a screenshot of the letter and back of their card and email this to

The previous signposting shared in the original Sudan update are still appropriate and can still be used. Have added below for reference.

NB- If any callers are homeless or need accommodation support, you should use the relevant signposting support for this need, and then if eligible, a food request can still be submitted.

NB- If a caller has received support at the airport in the form of cash, sadly they won’t be eligible for Huggg support on top. 

*The BRC weblink which will detail a number of signposting options and support for arrivals will soon be available and will be added to this message when ready. 

**This message will be added to SLOM under the Sudan banner along with links to the food support pages, form & guidance later today and will replace the current Sudan guidance.

Signposting support, Sudan Response:

For help withOrganisation/AgencyContact details/Website
Overnight accommodationLocal
Onward travelLocal
Benefits/Ongoing financial SupportCitizens Advice BureauAdviceline (England): 0800 144 8848
Adviceline (Wales): 0800 702 2020
AdviceLine (Scotland) 0800 028 1456
HomelessnessShelter0808 800 4444

NB- Please keep checking SLOM in case of any future updates over the coming days/weeks.